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I’m so impressed by the staff at this hospital; everyone is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable, and they make clients feel instantly welcomed. The space is newly renovated and it looks great; it’s evident that the new ownership is doing a terrific job.
Eric F.

We took our kitty there when our regular vet was booked and they were great! Quick but thorough visit. Clean office. Our kitty is on the mend!
Colleen C.

Dr Read and Crozier are the best. They are kind, caring and incredibly smart. I followed them from their previous vet because of how wonderful they are. Upper Charles is a great place to go! I highly recommend!
Marlyn D.

Drs. Read and Crosier are amazing. I am now driving a half hour just to see them at their new practice because they are superstars. I have 5 animals and quite honestly, I don’t really want anyone else to handle my pets. And believe me, with 5 pets, I am there frequently!
Joan M.

We very much appreciate the prompt attention, kind greetings, availability and care that is giving here. Can’t wait for our next visit.
Barbara K.

Kind and caring vets. Love them!
Sandy A.

I’ve been to a few veterinary hospitals, but this one is arguably the best run. Staff is excellent and goes above and beyond! There’s really no way to mess up here. You don’t even know how many more stars I wish I could give them.