Pet Surgery

While always keeping the strictest safety and care standards, our veterinary team performs a variety of pet surgeries using cutting-edge technology.

Upper Charles Animal Hospital Veterinary Services

Pet Surgery

In a safe and hygienic environment, we provide surgical solutions. Most importantly, our staff attentively follows your pet throughout the procedure and recovery period and will keep you informed of their progress.

Upper Charles Animal Hospital is equipped to handle the majority of soft tissue surgeries. We employ the most advanced monitoring technology to ease your concerns because we are aware of your concerns over the risks associated with anesthesia. Here’s a short list of the variety of surgeries that we cover:


  • Spay, neuter, gastropexy, mass removals


  • Cleaning/scaling/polishing
  • Extractions
  • Digital dental radiography


  • Splenectomy, abdominal exploratory, foreign body retrieval, pyometra, wound repair, etc